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How experts work with us

Project inquiry

COLIFT receives a new project from a client.


We conduct a custom search using our internal database and additional sources.


We reach out to you if we think your profile could fit our clients request and discuss all details.

Expert Consultation

We schedule the consultation around your availability.

Client Consultation

You consult with our client.

Project Completion

You will receive a monetary compensation from COLIFT.

Frequently asked questions

We reached out to you as we believe your experiences and background would be fitting to one or more of our client’s projects. Most calls are a one off but some consultancies may include a follow-up call or a series of calls with the client. Get in touch with us to further discuss this opportunity.

We welcome business professionals from all industries and career stages.

We will send you project proposals via e-mail or social networking platforms briefly outlining our client’s project and expectations.

The number of project proposals you receive is very much dependent on your area of expertise. Some of our experts are contacted on a weekly basis while others may only receive one project proposals per year.

Many of our experts enjoy sharing their knowledge in a friendly working atmosphere with our clients. Besides that, you will of course receive monetary compensation for your efforts.

Typically, we will disclose the identity of our client before the call and following the acceptance of our terms & conditions including a non-disclosure agreement.

We will present your profile to our client and discuss the potential that your profile would add value to their project. If our client is interested in speaking with you, we will reach out to you to schedule further steps. 

COLIFT has strict compliance rules in place that will be send to you before the consultation. In addition, a COLIFT team member will reach out to you before the consultation to discuss possible limitations.