What we do

COLIFT maintains an extensive network of experts from various industries (e.g. software, pharma, automotive, financial services, energy, real estate). This means that whether you have a project timeline of a few days to a few months, we can connect you to fitting experts.

Interactions between COLIFT experts and our clients include phone consultations, expert webinars, in-person meetings, advisory services as well as long- or short-term engagements (e.g. as board members).

We provide the following types of engagements


Phone consultations
Expert webinars
In-person meetings


Due diligence services
Board members and
advisory board members


Long- and short-term
consulting engagements
for professionals

Financial sponsors

In a highly competitive industry, understanding market dynamics and gaining clarity on your investment decision quickly is key to value creation. We support financial investors, family offices and venture capital companies in making better informed investment decisions.

Validate the equity story

Enhance your deal process and transaction security

Complete your due diligence team


Understanding industry dynamics in-depth and forming your own view of an industry or company is integral to generating performance.

We can support your research and help you stay up to date by connecting you to specialists that will leverage your team’s knowledge and value creation.

Market research

Customer interviews

Industry trends


Industries are moving faster than ever before and your organization needs to stay ahead to secure competitive advantages.

Whether you want to assess new markets and products, identify potential weaknesses and opportunities or conduct due diligence on a potential merger: we will custom-recruit specialist knowledge across all corporate functions to drive your business forward.

Assess new markets and products

Customer interviews Identify and validate potential opportunities

Conduct M&A due diligence